Ray Bird Cars Web design and Branding

Ray Bird Cars is a Cambridgeshire based used car dealership which needed a new website and logo to feature their cars on. They are a well established business in the area and have been going for over 40 years, mainly spreading their name through word of mouth from their many loyal customers.

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Alongside creating the logo and website for Ray Bird Cars this project also offered the chance to create an administration system so that they could easily update their current stock easily and quickly.

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Designing the logo

The brief for the logo was simple, it just needs to include the name and the phrase 'used car sales'. I decided that it would be good to include a car in the design to make it more symbolic, as the cars that they sell are mainly hatchbacks I chose to use the outline of a VW Golf as a base and then incorporate that into the logo design.

Ray Bird Cars logo Looking for a new logo?

Designing the website

The website itself was a fun project to work on. Not only is there the front end version of the website that the customers see, there is also a back end admin system that I made so that the client can add and remove the cars when they wish, this was a key part of functionality that was needed. The website design itself was designed to be very clean, the use of greys and white was to allow the photos to take centre stage and provide the colour as the cars themselves are the most important part of the site.

Ray Bird Cars website design

Making the website Responsive

Using responsive design techniques we made sure that the mobile experience was just as friendly as the full scale website to provide the best browsing experienc for the user.

Ray Bird Cars mobile website
Ray Bird Cars mobile website
Ray Bird Cars mobile website

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"Minos Creative delivered exactly what we were hoping for and more! They made the process for adding cars so simple for us which was very important to us."

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