Laura Aimee art

Laura Aimee

It is always nice to work with an artist as you have to strike the balance between a clean design that makes their work 'pop' whilst not making something so boring that the user loses interest.

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The brief Starting with the blank canvas

Work on this project was going to happen in two separate parts, the first was to create Laura Aimee a logo from her signature so that she can begin using it on social media to get her brand image out to the public with her new works. The second part (coming soon) is to the create a clean website showcasing her artwork to the public in one space.

Laura Aimee logo

Stage one Designing the logo

The branding was obvious for Laura Aimee, being an artist her signature is one of the most symbolic and important features of her work. Converting a hand-written signature into a vector that would hold its own at any size and still be clear is never as simple as it sounds however and the subtle little tweaks you have to make are always the most important but we managed it.

Stage two Designing the website

Laura wanted a a very modern looking website that is clean and friendly but with the focus being on her artwork. To accomplish this we used only whites and greys in the overall design and used bold colours in the photos to really draw the attention but also to show some of her own character.

Laura Aimee website design

Making the website Responsive

It was very important for the website to use high quality images to showcase Laura's artwork whilst also allowing the website to load quickly even when users are using their phone. We created a variety of different sized images for use on different screen resolutions so that the user was always able to see the subject clearly without having to wait forever for the images to load.

Laura Aimee's mobile website
Laura Aimee's mobile website
Laura Aimee's mobile website

"Minos Creative have been a delight to work with. They have been patient and understanding throughout the lengthy time it has taken for me to get my business up and running. They have also been very patient with creating and tweaking my logo until it is perfect. I am looking forward to working closely with them in the up and coming months with creating the website and advertising media. Highly recommend, very informative, attention to detail is brilliant and once again a pleasure to work with."

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