Langley Park Rally School Website

Langley Park Rally School offer rally driving lessons in Essex to the public and they wanted a stand out website that would allow them to take online bookings.

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The challenge

When Langley Park came to Minos Creative they currently had a website that was very dated compared to their competitors, it wasn't mobile friendly and they had recently had another company design a new website that they weren't impressed with.

The challenge was not only to create them an exciting new website that they would be able to take voucher bookings and payments on, but it was also to help restore their faith in the website world.

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My Approach

The first focus of this project was user experience, the previous website had a lot of information at a lot of different page levels which made it very confusing to use, there was no clear route through the website and you couldn't get to the important pages quickly and easily. I took the approach of condensing a lot of sub pages into fewer pages and making the navigation down to 2 levels so the user can easily get to where they want in minimal clicks.

Website Design

I wanted to create something a bit out of the ordinary when it came to this project, as the client was offering quite a unique experience to their customers I thought it was important to bring this into the design. To do this I made sure to use high contrasting colours as well as implement angles to the sections, this in turn encourages the user to read down the page and follow the lines.

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Langley Park Rally School website design

Booking courses online

The other key factor to the website was allowing customers to be able to book vouchers and pay for them online. It needed to be a simple process as well as being easy for them to compare all the different course packages at the same time. I made sure that the key details for the courses were clear to users scrolling down the page, as well as making the booking route stand out.

Langley Park Rally School mobile website
Langley Park Rally School mobile website
Langley Park Rally School mobile website

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