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Ladybird Communications provide telephone solutions, network and support to a wide variety of companies and schools throughtout Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and further afield. They wanted a new website to reflect the high quality of solutions that they provide to their clients.

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The challenge

Ladybird Communications were looking to upgrade their website design to be in line with leading businesses in their field. They were looking for a website to help them attract bigger clients as well as to impress their current client base and have a much more user friendly feel than their previous website.

The current website provided a large amount of content for me to use, however it was displayed as large blocks of text across very few pages and without much imagery at all. I decided it would be best to separate each of the services onto their own page, this would also help improve SEO for each service as well as make it a lot easier for the user to find the information they were looking for.


Deciding the look and feel

The look and feel was important as it would be used as a basis for future branding, the previous website was almost completely grey so they wished to move away from that and for the website to have a much cleaner and professional look. With their logo being a ladybird I thought it would be perfect to use a powerful red as the key call to action colour. I decided to pair this with a complementing orange as a nice gradient across the site.

For the background I chose to go with a plain white, this would provide a very clean, sophisticated look to the website and also help to allow the call to actions and text to really stand out and be eye catching.

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Improving SEO

The current website was not performing as well as hoped in regards to SEO and so one of the first tasks was to investigate what these problems could be and how this could be improved. It quickly became apparent that there were quite a few issues with the website setup that would be effecting its performance with search engines, a couple of obvious examples being that there were no main headings across the website as well as no meta data being used.

Ladybird Communications website design

A website on the go

A fully responsive website is a given nowadays as the majority of people browse websites on their phones or tablets over desktop computers. With the amount of content involved it was even more important to break this up nicely so that when a phone user browsed the website they wouldn't be hit by a full screen of text. I designed a whole set of icons to help add colour to the website and break up the content along with attractive images and stylish buttons.

Ladybird Communications mobile website
Ladybird Communications mobile website
Ladybird Communications mobile website

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