Comberton Sports and Arts

Comberton Sports & Arts

Getting the chance to work with such an established service was a great opportunity for us and a project that we really enjoyed working on.

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Out with the oldIn with the new

Comberton Sports & Arts already had a very basic website and being associated with Comberton Village College meant that there were certain guidelines and style guides to stick to. They wanted a more modern and clean website with a fun and friendly side to it to attract new members.

Comberton Sports & Arts preview

Stage one Designing the website

One of the key criteria for the website was to show all the fitness classes that they offer but also show the Arts side to the centre as well, this had previously been very much in the background and not publicised very clearly on their old website.

Making the website Informative but exciting

The key focus for the website was to attract new members whilst also providing current members with information about other activities that are on that they may not have previously known about. We added a short membership information block to the bottom of all pages as the main call to action to encourage users to enquire after reading about the activities on offer..

Comberton Sports & Arts website design

Making the website Responsive

We had to make sure that the website was still as appealing and easy to use whilst on a phone to allow people to easily navigate to find other classes and times whilst at the centre.

Comberton Sports & Arts mobile website
Comberton Sports & Arts mobile website
Comberton Sports & Arts mobile website

"Minos Creative offered a great service to us as our current website was in need of a big update as it is important for us to have a website that will stand out against our competitors. I would highly recommend their web design services."

Jamie Shaw, Comberton Sports & Arts