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I have extensive experience designing and developing websites for all types of clients across a diverse range of industries and sectors. If you are starting up a new business or your current website needs a refresh then you've come to the right place!

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100% bespoke design

You want your business to stand out from the rest, right? Then you need a website that stands out from the rest too! A lot of people tend to go down the template route for websites nowadays as it is seen as the "quicker and easier" route, allowing a higher turn around of websites. However this leads to a lot of websites feeling and looking very similar, this is why all of my websites are designed and built from the ground up, working with you all the way to ensure that your website reflects yourself and your business perfectly.

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Responsive and Retina Web Design

The year is 2018 and not 2008, all of the websites that I design and build are fully responsive, this means that they will work perfectly on anything you view them on, be it a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Mobile phones have now become the 'go-to' when it comes to quickly looking up information or browsing social media and so if your website isn't movile friendly the majority of users will not give you the time of day.

With screen technology improving every year it is also key for your images and icons to be of high quality to ensure that they do not look blurry on these screens. I ensure that this happens without dramatically effecting the page loading time.

If you are looking for an award winning website designer based in Cambridgeshire, please get in touch.

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Minos Creative CMS System

Content Managed Website

Updating content on a website is important to a lot of people but some systems can be overwhelming for the general user. This is why I have created a custom, easy to use Content Management System (CMS) to enable you to edit the text on your website without being worried about affecting the look or functionality of the website.

The CMS system will be built around the design which means there are no limitations to how the website can look even when adding content management onto it. The CMS design is extremely user friendly, simple and clean to enable you to manage the day-to-day running of your website at the click of a button.

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SEO is key part to consider when designing a website and a big part that your website is graded on is speed and optimisation. I take this into account from the very start, all the way to the end. My websites are designed to the highest standards of design as well as code, this ensures that the end result is quick, clean, user and search engine friendly website.

When building the website I will ensure that images are optimised for speed without losing any quality, I also ensure that your users don't spend time waiting for a large image to load when they are viewing on a small screen. All my websites are built to the highest standards ensuring they are future proof to enable me to easily extend or add additional functionality at any time in the future.

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