4 signs you need a new website

If your website is turning away customers then it is the clearest sign of them all, here are 4 reasons that can lead to that happening.

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1. Is your website mobile friendly and fully responsive?

The majority of people browsing the web nowadays are doing so via their mobile phone. If your website isn’t fully responsive then you are making life very hard for the majority of your website users, and if you are making it hard for users to use then they will go to a website that doesn’t. It is as simple as that.

2. Loading your website and changing pages takes forever

This is another problem that we come across all too often with many websites, especially content managed websites, is that the loading speeds are very slow. This can be because of many different reasons but the most common tend to be not using optimised images/videos and when it comes to CMS systems they can also be loading a lot of files and plugins that are not actually used by your own website.

With internet speeds in homes and on mobile networks increasing a lot of these large files can be hidden when on fast speed internet however Google will penalise websites if your page speed is low as it will affect the users experience.

3. It isn't performing well in search engines

For some reason some web designers still try to sell SEO separately from the website design. In our opinion this should always be a part of the service as it is a key part of a websites functionality. Search Engine Optimisation plays a very important role in how the website is built and how the content is used and integrated.

If you want your website to perform well on search engines then it is important to make sure it is fully optimised for the target audience you wish to aim at.

4. The design is outdated or not as impressive as your competitors

If you get wary of telling people to go look at your website then this is the biggest tell that you need a new website. Your website should make you feel confident and proud, you wouldn’t let a shops decoration or your food go out of date so why let your website?

If you find yourself looking at your competitor’s website with envy or find yourself feeling that your website isn’t as easy to use as you thought or that the key information is hard to get to or not obvious enough then it is also a good idea to get professional opinion on how to improve its performance.


If you haven’t updated your website design or content for over 2 years it is usually a good sign that you could do with an update as a lot changes in the web world in a short space of time! If you would like some advice on whether your website could do with an update or where it can be improved then get in touch.

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