3 reasons behind the subtle rebrand

Minos Creative may not be very old but a lot has happened in such a short space of time. Find out the reasons for the subtle changes you may have noticed to the branding during that time.

Minos Creative new logo on a mac

1. The biggest, little change came from the logo

One of the main reasons for the recent updates to the branding of Minos Creative was that the 'Creative' part of the previous logo was too small in comparison to the 'Minos' part. This was done on purpose originally as the idea was for the main name to be 'Minos' (an anagram of my name, Simon) and the ‘Creative’ part to be secondary, with the thought that it may even get dropped completely in the future so that there is a short, catchy name.

However, after 6 months of Minos Creative being a full-time agency, the ‘Creative’ part has become just as important as the ‘Minos’ part. After visiting many networking events such as ‘Business to Business’ at the Granary Barns and The Cambridge Roar, I’ve found that I always introduce myself as ‘Minos Creative’ as it has a nice flow to it and helps people instantly recognise that they are speaking with a creative person.

Before and after of Minos Creative logo

Because of this, ‘Creative’ needed a promotion, when used on business cards or stationery, the logo would get to a certain size where ‘creative’ was not readable at all. Whilst being a new brand, it was important not to make a drastic change to the logo as people were just starting to recognise it, so after a lot of variations being tested the final logo was born and ‘Creative’ got it’s well deserved recognition as a primary part of the logo.

Interested in a new logo?

2. It’s time for responsive logos

It is 2018 and ‘responsive’ has very much been a key word when it comes to design for the past few years. I will be writing a blog article on the importance of responsive logos in the future and so I won’t go into it too much here, but it was important to have a logo that would be recognisable and readable at small sizes (for example the browser bar icon) as well as at large sizes.

Minos Creative logo responsive

Obviously the new logo when scaled down would become almost a dark line instead of saying ‘minos creative’ and this would not be acceptable. The three most important parts of the logo are the dark ‘m’ and ‘c’, as well as the bright green dots to keep the colour branding. The dot’s moved from on top of the ‘I’ to becoming a full stop, which kept the branding continuity but also helped to say that this was the short and sweet version, simply put MC, period.

3. Bright colour, bright future?

Alongside the new, bolder look to the logo, I wanted to keep that theme going when it came to the colours as well. The new look is very much based around creating high contrast between sections and bold colour combinations. More and more big companies are going for high contrast and bright, eye catching colours nowadays and so it was key for Minos Creative to have a standout colour look to go with a bright future.

Minos Creative new branding colours
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